Interdisciplinary workshop:  ‘Broader perspectives on animal contests’

Wednesday 29th August – Thursday 30th August 2018

Queen’s University Belfast


A two-day ASAB-funded workshop aimed at anyone studying contests and aggression, as well as those interested in bringing their disciplinary expertise to this area. The purpose of the workshop is to bring together researchers from a range of disciplines in order to facilitate knowledge sharing and encourage future interdisciplinary collaborations.

We encourage anybody with an interest in contests, from economists to psychologists and biologists, everyone is welcome.

Plenary speakers

  • Professor Yuying Hsu | National Taiwan Normal University
  • Professor Mike Mesterton-Gibbons | Florida State University
  • Dr Dayu Lin | New York University

The Venue

Riddel Hall, Queen’s University Belfast.


Sarah LaneDr Sarah Lane 
Postdoctoral research fellow, University of Plymouth

I am a behavioural ecologist fascinated by different forms of animal conflict. I’m particularly interested in the costs associated with fighting, specifically damage costs and the consequences of injury. I currently work on on the beadlet sea anemone Actinia equina but have previously worked with beetles, flies and crickets.

Gareth_ArnottDr Gareth Arnott 
Lecturer in Animal  Behaviour and Welfare, Queen’s University Belfast

Working with a range of animal species, I am interested in a number of aspects of contest behaviour, examining fundamental questions as well as using interdisciplinary approaches to address welfare issues associated with aggression in captive environments. Current projects include the role of cognition and early life socialization on aggression.